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Kritika has 11 years of experience in delivery management, human-centred design, sales and expansion, managing cross-functional teams and improving throughput through continuous process improvement. She started her career in the private sector, providing consulting services to international Investment Banks. She made her foray into the Development Sector as a Teach For India Fellow and spent the last 5 years with Indus Action, a policy implementation and action consulting organization. Kritika enjoys multi-stakeholder engagement and the pursuit of building high-performing teams and cultures for impact at scale. During her time off work, Kritika can be found meditating, playing with her 1-year old, reading, watching a movie, organizing "spiritual" brunches or visiting monuments and museums.



Hano (he/they), has extensively worked with adolescents and the youth over the past 7 years through community-based organisations across India using psychosocial modes of interventions Having completed his master's degree in Development from Azim Premji University in Bengaluru, his focus has been anchored around the intersection of education, gender and mental health. Besides following a training course in Arts-Based Therapy, he has used forms of art as an intervention approach towards community and individual healing that rivet around the ideas of transformative justice. Beyond work, Hano is passionate about coffee brewing and, masquerading like a  connoisseur, believes he can serve you the best-iced coffee there is. If he is not working or driving a car, he can be found in cafes talking about politics and matters of social justice. Apart from materialising his overambitious and passionate travel plans, Hano finds it equally difficult to complete reading the shelves full of unfinished books that he has been hoarding since forever.



Hitha Maureen is a development sector professional who has been working in the areas of education and mental health for the past couple of years. They have actively been part of non profit project management, CSR project management and implementation research teams in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.They always resort to cooking a hearty meal or baking to lift their spirit. They listen to Japanese deep house or Korean indie music to unwind.

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